Fresh, and Healthy Meals Just For You.

St. John's based meal prep company, offering fresh and nutritious meals that you can heat up in minutes & enjoy!

Providing prepared meals across Newfoundland.

How it works?

Make Your Choice

Select from our variety of signature dishes, snacks, or bulk options. You can also create custom meals from a variety of protein, carbs, and veggies.

Pickup or Delivery

Choose whether to pick up your meals at our location or select our delivery option in case you are busy. We never want you to miss out.

Heat & Enjoy

No Prep, No Mess. Fresh meals in your fridge ready when you are, simply heat your healthy meals, ready in a few minutes, take them to go or plate them.


In addition to saving you cooking and cleaning time, Premium Choice offers
a host of perks. Let's take a look at them.

Premium Choice Meals is For Everyone!

Whether you're a time-pressed professional, gym-goer, or just trying to adopt healthy eating habits, eating healthy has never been this convenient, simple and tasteful. Choose Premium Choice Meals, Save Time, Eat Better.

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