At checkout you choose when you’d like to receive your order. We prepare meals from Monday to Thursday, orders placed by midnight can be delivered or ready for pickup on our next prep day.

We currently do not offer any bundle options or subscriptions. The current ordering process is based on an a la carte system that enables customers to select exactly which options and amounts are desired and order accordingly. order accordingly.  We do plan on offering subscriptions soon, so check back often or follow us on social media for updates.

Due to having an a la carte ordering system, we do not provide samples. You are able to order what you want, and the quantity you prefer. However we do offer 2 free meals with your first order of 6 meals or more, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter.

Yes! You can simply buy a Premium Choice Meals Gift Card. Another option is to write the recipient’s address instead of yours, on the order form as you checkout.

We do not offer a discount for bulk orders, but we do have many affiliates who promote our products by posting on their social media. Find discount codes by following our affiliates on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Unfortunately, after the order is placed, there is no way to modify the payment options. If you have a code, make sure you use it before you checkout for it to come into effect.

If you discover an issue with your order, please report it to us at hello@premiumchoicemeals.com within 24 hours. We will not be able to address any issues that are reported after that time frame. ‍ Please provide photos and as much evidence as possible when reporting any issues.much detail as possible when reporting any issues.

The menu is updated weekly, changing every Thursday for the following week.

All meals are listed on the menu and provided with complete nutrient information based on average serving size, including calories per serving. Given that all the meals are handmade, actual nutrient contents may differ slightly from the published amounts due to the possibility of minute variations in actual packed amounts.

Our meals will remain fresh if appropriately stored and refrigerated for 4-5 days. If 

you are not consuming your meal immediately after you receive it, feel free to freeze your meal to prolong its freshness. Keep in mind that you may need to heat your meal longer than is described on the package. 

Freezing the meal extends the shelf life by up to 30 days.

Defrost your meals before heating if they are frozen. If you’re heating a frozen meal in the microwave, perforate the film and heat for approximately 2-3 minutes on “high.” If you would like to heat in the oven, remove all of the film from the top of the tray and lightly cover with foil. Heat at 350°F for approximately 10-15 minutes. You can heat the meals for an extended period if needed.

We recommend removing the items from the bag immediately and storing them in the refrigerator. You can freeze your meals if they cannot be consumed before the freeze before date.

If you would like to have a custom meal, you can build out a meal on the Custom Meals page. Simply select the “Create Your Own Meal” section and add your choices, choose amounts, and add to your cart.

Yes for local orders! Our pick-up location at 657 Topsail Road, St. John’s, NL between 5 pm and 8 pm. You will receive a “Ready for Pickup” e-mail the day your meals will be ready.

We do not stock pre-made meals for purchase, our kitchen is currently used for orders placed through our website. However, multiple retailers currently stock our Grab & Go Meals. We are working with other retailers to stock more Grab & Go Meals. Follow us on social media for updates,

Yes! We cater for multiple occasions big and small. Contact us for more details.

Our local delivery includes St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Manuels, Goulds, and some of Kelligrews. Please leave a cooler with ice packs out for us to deliver if you will not be home for a short period. We recommend using frozen water bottles if you don’t have ice packs to be environmentally proactive.

There is no purchase minimum. However, we have free delivery for 12+ meals.

Orders will be delivered via Pik-Fast Express and do not require a signature. An email will be sent to you when your order is out for delivery.

Our meals are prepared fresh in our commercial kitchen and delivered the same day they are prepared. We do not freeze our meals.

While delivery delays are rare, we are very prepared to handle them. If you believe your package is delayed, please notify us immediately by calling (709) 280-0014 or emailing us at hello@premiumchoicemeals.com. If this is not the case, our team will work with you to find the best solution. We’re happy to help!

Yes, as long as the hotel is in the local area and accepts packages for guests. If the room is not under your name make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. Hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not correspond with the name on the reservation. All we ask is that you inform your hotel prior to our arrival that you will be expecting a package.

Fat loss is not solely based on your caloric intake. While portion control can contribute to weight loss, the ratios of protein, fat, and carbohydrates (macros), have a considerable impact, too. Our meals are appropriately balanced and dietitian-approved for a healthy combination of these nutrients. 

As a plus, having such a practical and time-saving solution for your dietary needs helps you to maintain consistent healthy eating habits. You no longer have to come up with excuses to abandon your diet and march to the nearest fast-food restaurant for unhealthy meals whenever you don’t want to cook! Just grab a Premium Meals package out of your refrigerator, heat, and enjoy.

Premium Choice Meals is not only a convenient solution for those seeking to lose weight but also for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. High-quality, well-balanced meals can benefit everyone, regardless of their physiological goals. Our meals are made with natural and sustainable ingredients that are excellent for improving health markers while fueling athletic performance.

Once you select a meal the nutritional facts for that meal will appear in the meal description. Along with the nutrition facts, you will be able to see all of the listed ingredients. All of your meals will have the nutrition facts on the labels.

All of our meals have all ingredients and associated allergies listed. Additionally, filters on the menu page let you choose allergens that apply to you. This feature allows you to narrow down the meals that are safe for you.

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any with your meals.

Most meals on our menu are “Gluten-Free,” however all meals are prepared in a kitchen where gluten is used. Make sure to check the allergens listed in the description of each meal on our weekly rotating menu. There is also the custom meal option, which also allows you to create a variety of gluten-free meals.

We love to help out where we can, so we usually post tried and trusted tips, tricks, recipes, and nutrition advice on our social media. If you have any basic questions we will try our best to answer them. However, we strongly advise that you seek the counsel of a health practitioner or a dietitian first if you have serious health conditions.