Frequently Asked Questions

Our local delivery includes St. John's, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Manuels, Goulds, and Kelligrews. If your not sure if we deliver to you all you have to do is let us know!
Due to having an a la carte ordering system, we do not provide samples. You are able to order what you want, and the quantity you prefer.
Simply perforate the film then place the tray in microwave for 2-3 minutes and you are set! Please remember to remove any sauce cups before heating.
If you would like to heat in the oven, remove all of the film from the top of the tray and lightly cover with foil. Heat at 300ºF for approximately 15-20 minutes.
Please add additional heating time to meals if needed.
We recommend that you defrost your meals before heating if they are in a frozen state.
We use thermal-lined recyclable cardboard boxes with iced gel packs during shipment to keep your food tasty and fresh! Our custom packaging is designed to extend the shelf life of your meals. Meals can be frozen to maintain freshness for longer periods of time. This is totally safe for a 2 day transit time.
Our meals generally are fresh, if appropriately stored and refrigerated, for 4-5 days. If you don’t get to your meal, feel free to freeze your meal to ensure prolonged freshness. Just note, you may need to heat your meal longer than described on the package. When freezing the meal, it extends the shelf life to last up to 30 days.