Frequently Asked Questions

All meals are listed on the menu and provided with full nutrient information based on average serving size, including calories per serving. As all meals are hand-crafted, actual nutrient contents may deviate slightly from the written amounts due to the possibility of minute variances in actual packed amounts.
How many meals fit in each box will depend on whether you are ordering Custom Meals or from our Weekly Menu. For our Weekly Menu, our largest perishable food box holds 27 meals,
The capacity of the perishable food box will vary for custom meals that have larger portions and require larger meal containers.
You will receive a “Ready for Pickup” e-mail the day your meals will be ready for pick-up.
Orders are typically ready by 5 pm.
Yes, as long as the hotel is in the Atlantic provinces and does accept packages for guests.
If the room is not under your name and is under the name of a spouse, mother, brother, etc. make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. Hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not match up with the name on the reservation.
All we ask is that you inform your hotel prior to arrival that you will be expecting a package.
There is no purchase minimum. However, our smallest perishable food cooler holds 12 meals, so we recommend ordering at least 12 meals to maximize the shipping costs.